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By using industrial robots in production, we can significantly improve the quality of existing production and increase its efficiency. If these two goals meet the economic return, a well-executed robotic installation will be an indispensable part of your production after a while of operation. For a customer who already has experience with robotics, we can reduce operating costs by optimizing the process. We will safely guide the new customer with all the difficulties that robotics has in the beginning so that even the first months of operation of the robotic workplace will be beneficial.


Robotic welding cells
We offer a comprehensive complex welding equipment, which we will design according to your needs and completely debug it for your production needs.
The welding cell can be purchased both in the form of a lease and through a financial loan.

ABB robotization

Modifications of existing robotic workplaces
If your workplace does not have the required performance or stability, we will be happy to come to you for a consultation and discuss the possibilities of adjustments to meet the requirements. We can immediately offer implementation for the proposed solutions.

ABB robotization

Design and construction of robotic workplaces
We focus primarily on operating machines with industrial robots (machine tending) as a direct replacement for humans. Upon agreement, we can also offer other applications such as palletizing, robot welding and others.

ABB robotizace

We also use ABB RobotStudio for the design and modification of robotic workplaces. Using this tool, we can verify the design of robotic cells for the range and collision of the robot with other peripherals of the workplace. After creating the robot tracks, we will demonstrate the workplace in real-time and thus it is possible to calculate the return on investment in the robot workplace.

Used robots for sale


If you are starting out with robots and don't want to buy a new industrial robot or have a low-volume production where the investment in a new robot will not pay off, then we have a wide range of used robots for you.

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