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SMAR s.r.o. was founded in 2012.

We deal with maintenance, installation and programming in the field of robotics and industrial automation. 

We are a certified ABB partner (the only one in the Czech Republic) in the robotics and robotic welding segment.

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We currently have over 30 employees across the country. Our employees also have experience working on jobs in Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland, Spain and South Africa.


Code of Ethics:


Our common goal is for SMAR s.r.o. to execute its stated strategy to the maximum extent possible, to prosper and to fulfill the principles of honest business. The company's vision unites its employees, who proudly work under the umbrella of their employer and commit to this code. We always deliver quality and on time. We are expanding the services we provide and improving our processes. We improve and educate ourselves. We think positively.

Our goal is always a satisfied customer and a partner who is happy to return and recommend our services. Another goal is a motivated, confident, independent and responsible employee.

Our strengths include courtesy, trust, responsibility, mutual respect, positive thinking and a proactive approach.


We are able to assist with the implementation of other services as well. We can provide recruitment services and much more.


On 23.9.2021, based on the audit, compliance with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 was demonstrated.

Download the certificate HERE:

Our areas of expertise:


Industrial automation


- We provide design and complete delivery of technical automation solutions for manufacturing, assembly and testing processes.

- Design and manufacture of automated control of your technologies

- Certification of existing equipment and plants

- Expert advice, including technical support

- Safety audit

- Consultancy on the development, design and manufacture of assembly lines, single-purpose machines and special equipment

- Maintenance services

- Supply of parts for production or maintenance





- Design and construction of robotic workplaces

- Modifications to existing robotic workstations

- Robotic welding cells

- Rental of industrial robots

- We rent PCs with the complete ABB RobotStudio® software installed

- Service and maintenance of robotic workstations

* We currently have 2,800 robots under maintenance management throughout the country 





- We are the official ABB distribution partner for motors and drives (frequency converters, motor starters)

- Technical support, expert advice on drives and motors

- Comprehensive service




In 2020, our company became the official dealer of Matterport Inc. 3D cameras for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also represent sales to other eastern blocks such as Poland, Hungary, and others.

In cooperation with Matterport Inc. we actively participate in all seminars and trainings both in the Czech Republic and abroad, so that we can always provide you with the most up-to-date information about the latest innovations in camera use and new products. We provide sales, rental, training and support. 


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