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FlexArc Lite is a more affordable version of classic welding cells
FlexArc. It is a great product, if your company wants to start robotizing.

The FlexArc Lite cell is an open design and contains one welding robot and a positioner.



The unit is also easy to program as the positioner and robot use the same software. Everything is then fully coordinated during operation.

ABB flexarc lite

Approximate price calculation

Option 1


Purchase price: 2 228 650 CZK excluding VAT


Depreciation 20%: 539 333 CZK

Instalment including insurance (60x): 40 344 CZK

Total loan amount: CZK 2 157 333

Option 2


Purchase price: 3 902 125 CZK excluding VAT


Depreciation 20%: 944 314 CZK

Instalment including insurance (60x): 70 638 CZK

Total loan amount: CZK 3,777,257

Technical Specifications


IRB 1600, IRB 1660ID, IRB 2600 (ID)

Type of positioner



Max. 1000 kg

Welding torch

Fronius, Binzel, Dinse, SKS, Lincoln

Dimensions (w × d × h)

4.36 x 6.9 x 2.45 m


approx. 2 191 - 3 777 kg (depending on cell type)

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