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Charging station

Advantages of ABB, Loxone and Etrel charging stations

At SMAR s.r.o. we are proud to offer top quality charging stations from leading manufacturers such as ABB, Loxone and Etrel. These charging stations are renowned for their high efficiency and reliability, ensuring customers can charge their electric vehicles quickly and safely. ABB charging stations are known for their robustness and fast charging capability, while Loxone products stand out for their intelligent integration with home automation systems. Etrel offers a wide range of charging stations that are ideal for both domestic and commercial use, thanks to their modular design and easy integration into different environments. With these charging stations, you not only get efficiency, but also flexibility and user comfort.


Services provided by SMAR s.r.o.

At SMAR Ltd. we not only offer top of the line charging stations but also provide comprehensive services that include sales, installation and servicing of these devices. Our experts are trained to provide fast and efficient installation, ensuring that your charging stations are always in optimal condition. In addition, we offer regular service and maintenance, ensuring the long-term reliability and performance of your charging stations. With our support and expertise, you will be confident that your investment in electric mobility is in good hands.


ABB charging station

  • Fast Charging: ABB charging stations are known for their ability to quickly charge electric vehicles, reducing waiting times for users.

  • High Reliability: These stations are robust and designed to withstand various weather conditions and long-term use.

  • Advanced Technology: ABB uses the latest technology for efficient and safe charging, including intelligent energy management systems.

  • Wide Compatibility: ABB charging stations are compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, making them suitable for different users.

ABB dc nabíjecí stanice

ABB DC Wallbox 24 kW

ABB AC Wallbox

ABB AC Wallbox 3.7 kW - 22 kW

ABB Terra HP

ABB Terra HP 175 kW - 350 kW

ETREL charging station

  • Modular Design: Offers flexibility in configuration, ideal for different requirements and environments.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Etrel stations are equipped with clear and easy-to-use user interfaces.

  • Suitable for Home and Commercial Use: Thanks to their versatility, these stations are suitable for both private and public charging points.

  • High Quality and Durability: Etrel charging stations are designed with an emphasis on long-term durability and reliability.

etrel inch lite

Inch Lite 7.4 kW - 22 kW

etrel inch pro

Inch Pro 7.4 kW - 22 kW

etrel inch home

Inch Home 7.4 kW - 22 kW

etrel inch duo

Inch Duo 2 x 7.4 kW - 2 x 22.1 kW

Loxone charging station

  • Intelligent Integration: Loxone charging stations can be easily integrated into home automation systems, enabling efficient energy management.

  • User Comfort: It offers a simple and intuitive control, which increases the comfort for the user.

  • Energy Efficiency: Thanks to advanced technology, they optimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

  • Flexible Installation: They are designed for easy installation in different types of environments, whether in homes or commercial premises.

loxone wall box

Wallbox 7.4kW 32A Air

loxone wall box

Wallbox 11 kW 16A Tree

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