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In 2020, our company became the official 3D camera dealer of Matterport Inc. for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also represent sales to other eastern blocks such as Poland, Hungary, and others.

In cooperation with Matterport Inc. we actively participate in all seminars and trainings both in the Czech Republic and abroad, so that we can always provide you with the latest information about the latest innovations in camera use and new products. We provide sales, rental, training and support. 


Matterport cameras can create impressive virtual tours without being an experienced photographer. Whether you want to give prospective buyers the feeling of being in a new home, help guests begin to envision their stay, or showcase the wonders of your location - Matterport 3D camera virtual tours help you do business faster. 3D virtual tours help you create better experiences, happier customers and generate more revenue without spending time on graphics.

What's more, you can get started now without being an experienced photographer.

Let one of our sales representatives demonstrate the camera and see for yourself.

Creating virtual tours has never been easier.

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Matterport Pro3
Matterport Reseller
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