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Checking the accuracy of the robot

Measuring large parts, moulds, assemblies and machines used to be a difficult and time-consuming process and often had to be carried out in a special inspection area. The FARO Vantage portable laser trackers make on-site measurement easy and fast, reducing inspection cycle times by up to 75%. It measures 3D coordinates by tracking a target that the user moves from the object being measured from one point to another.


What do we offer?


  • Targeting with the FARO Vantage S laser tracker

  • Robot accuracy check according to standard 9283

  • Measurement of fixtures and structures

  • Aiming of production lines

  • Tool calibration

What do you get?

  • Eliminate errors.

  • Certificate: Based on the measurements, we provide a certificate with robot accuracy

  • Data: The data obtained from the measurement procedure is useful not only for debugging the production process, but also for analyzing the planned replacement of the manipulator

  • Better results: Focusing with a laser tracker produces better results than analogue measurement, thanks to the possibility of continuous measurement of the robot even in the robot's trajectory

 FARO Vantage S options

  • Plotting positions according to the floor plan for equipment installation (new installations, moving equipment, changing equipment type)

  • Precision measurements for settling equipment

  • Leveling and alignment of robotic tracks

  • Alignment of robot tools according to drawings

  • Alignment of fixtures and inspection of large parts

  • Certification of manipulator accuracy - point accuracy and trajectory accuracy

  • And much more related to measuring in 3D space


Basic information about the device

  • The measurement accuracy is in the order of 0.08mm at 80m   (lower distances are significantly more accurate 0.016)

  • Action measurement is up to 160m (in a circle with a diameter)

  • The first measurement is possible after approx. 50 min after switching on the device (temperature stabilization and spatial calibration)

  • The value of the equipment is approximately EUR 100,000

We will be happy to prepare a customized price offer for you

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