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ABB Pohony


As an ABB partner in the field of drives, we offer you a diverse range of products of this brand, from specifications, technical solutions and support to commissioning and subsequent preventive maintenance.


In the field of drives we offer the following services:


  • suitable recommendations for drives and motors

  • help and support in starting drives

  • comprehensive service of the drives we offer

  • professional advice, including technical manuals, drawings and instructions


Frekvenční měniče

Frequency converters
For a wide range of applications in all industrial areas - the possibility of design in various outputs and sizes.
We offer a complete range of inverters from a range of micro and machine inverters for machine production, through industrial inverters for production line control, to specific industrial inverters with purpose-built functions such as use in the water applications segment or HVAC segment.


Soft starters
Soft starters, consisting of three product lines PSR, PSE and PSTX, are able to suit any customer application. The soft starter helps increase engine reliability, improves installation efficiency, and increases application productivity.


Electric motors
We offer a complete and wide range of ABB low voltage electric motors with improved energy efficiency and durability, which are suitable for use in all fields and applications. Another offer is synchronous motors and motors for potentially explosive atmospheres.

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